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Amber Cloud

Autonomous platform under KVM hypervisor, available in a few minutes.

1 month FREE*

CHF 19.- p/month

Network Bandwidth 100Mbps

DNS Hosting (3 included domains)

Multiple servers configuration available

Disk space reserved for backups and configuration duplications

Firewall rules management (incoming)

Personal and ergonomic administration interface


Amber Cloud

Create the virtual infrastructure that suits you best by choosing your resources!

coupon code available on request , please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Your resource pool is available through a user-friendly dashboard which allows you to configure your VMs.


Recognized for our expertise and the quality of our services,
we have achieved the “Swiss Made” certification and we are
proud to embody the Swiss values of reliability and precision.


All your data is hosted on the Swiss territory, through our three datacenters based in Swiss Romandie.


We guarantee complete isolation of your infrastructure.
You are protected at all levels.


We monitor our platforms 24-7 and apply a proactive policy in order to guarantee constant performances over time.


Refine your resources and your investments according to your needs. Thus, your evolution is readily quantifiable and your budget is controlled. 

* Offer free of engagement. Subscription is renewed tacitly and on a monthly basis, and can be terminated at any time. Coupon code available on request, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The promo code is only applicable for the Amber Cloud solution and can only be used once. Only new customers who do not possess a DFi-Direct account are eligible for this offer. This code promo does not apply to cPanel, auto-installer and OS.

Why Switzerland?

« Quality, precision, reliability, exclusive character and international recognition are among the answers given when we ask what define Swiss products » (Daniel Küng, directeur général de l’OSEC) Pourquoi la Suisse?

Switzerland is a synonym for stability and neutrality, and is recognized internationally for its discretion and the quality of its services. The Swiss Data Protection Law ensures total confidentiality, for individuals as well as corporations, because no administration has access to personal information without the agreement of a judge. Moreover, Switzerland is classified among the first five countries in the world according to the economic freedom index* and remains the country with the greatest freedom in Europe. Protected from the Euro crisis, its currency, the Swiss Franc, remains a safe investment.

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