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A technology watch as well as investments in research and development in areas such as the cloud, security, DevOps, automation, containerization, etc. allow us to maintain the agility necessary to anticipate market developments and offer our customers the most appropriate advice and solutions.

In order to set up a modern and efficient work environment, we first perform an audit to analyze your situation and determine your needs. The resulting recommendations aim to accompany you in the implementation of the solutions most in line with your strategic choices as well as your technical and financial constraints.

Transitioning to the cloud, raising the level of maturity of your IT security, optimizing availability guarantees for the continuity of your activities, etc. are some of the issues for which our experts can evaluate with you the most suitable options.


DFi’s multidisciplinary expertise enables us to support you in your various development projects, whatever their complexity and the fields concerned: cloud, network, security, hardware, etc.

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