Data Processing Agreement


The proper collection, storage and use of the personal data of employees and clients are core values for DFi. We undertake to act in accordance with the Data protection regulation, hereinafter the ‘Regulation’.
This Data Processing Agreement, hereinafter, the ‘Agreement’ contains detailed information to help you work in accordance with the Regulation.

This Agreement sets out DFi’s undertaking to safeguard the  confidential nature of  personal data collected or used in the course of its  business. Broadly speaking , DFi will establish and follow its procedures in accordance with this  Agreement.

1 DFi undertakes to comply with current legislation on the protection of personal data. Periodically DFi reviews its practices in terms of how it collects, uses and shares personal data in order to ensure compliance with current legislation.
2 DFi undertakes to notify its Data Protection Counsel when collecting personal data or in the event that data collected is subsequently disclosed to a third party. Each notification shall offer an explanation of why this data is required and describe how such data is to be used.
3 Those who deny permission for their personal data to be disclosed shall be notified by DFI of any consequences this may have.
4 DFi undertakes to maintain procedures for ensuring that any of the personal data belonging to its employees or clients or that falls under other sensitive categories is processed in accordance with current legislation and protected against any misuse.
5 DFi will collect and use personal data in accordance with the conditions set out under paragraph 2. However, DFI reserves the right to remove any identifiers collected from the personal data in order to use such data for statistical, managerial or other purposes in accordance with current legislation.
6 DFi undertakes to safeguard the security and integrity of personal data.
7. DFi has procedures in place to enable its employees and clients to access their data and to correct any inaccurate or incomplete data, or indeed to remove personal data completely.
8 As the result of a legal ruling or in circumstances permitted or required by law, DFi may come to collect, use and/or disclose personal data on procedures without notice (when cooperating with the FedP, for example).
9 DFi reserves the right to amend or update this agreement at any time. DFi shall not make any retroactive changes to any data already collected following changes to this Agreement.