Native Cloud is an application design philosophy that integrates all the interests of public, private or hybrid clouds.

Being supported in Cloud Native and DevOps

Advantages and benefits

DFi Service brings you expertise and experience in the production operation of Cloud infrastructure

Our offer is based on the following pillars

Audit, advice and co-design of the desired target architecture

Containers, microservices, serverless are terms that belong to the cloud universe. We guide you to choose the relevant elements and meet your needs through this catalogue of services.

Implementation of the target with an adapted project management

According to your challenges, your existing resources and our expertise, we work together to find the right model. Whether it is a turnkey deployment or a collaborative construction, the aim is to make the process more fluid and to remain pragmatic about the way we work.

24/7 Managed Services

We define the appropriate service level based on a responsibility matrix, project objectives, our experience and proven processes. The development of a management scope for a Cloud Native application also requires a transfer of skills between the development and operations teams.

A progressive level of security

The issue of security in the context of Cloud Native is important due to its relatively recent concept. It is necessary to take care of the security from the very beginning of the project. This will allow our Cybersecurity and Cloud teams to act quickly and effectively in the event of detected threats.

Efficient Governance

The management and monitoring of your project ensure that the objectives set in terms of availability, performance, accessibility and security are met. These key elements require precise monitoring during organised committees. This is done in order to offer you continuous improvement.

All our services are monitored by our Cybersecurity division

Hybrid Cloud

iCod, On Premise Private Cloud, MS AZURE, AWS, Exoscale, GCP, ...

Advanced technologies

Kubernetes, Microservices, Serverless, Machine Learning, ...


Integration of security at different stages of the chain, from integration to operation.