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Webmail change: DFi’s new collaborative messaging system

To serve you better, DFi will soon upgrade your webmail service for free. It will be based on the Zimbra collaborative tool, a leader in the new generations of messaging and collaboration tools.

The migration of email accounts will occur progressively between July the 19th and August the 8th of 2009 to replace the old Webmail interface. You will be individually notified by email, few days prior to your account’s migration day.


  • No data will be lost. Every emails, email folders, and address books will be automatically imported from all previous versions of DFi Webmail.
  • No configuration change is required for users using Outlook, Thunderbird and any other email clients.
  • No price change will occur due to this upgrade.


What is Zimbra ?

Zimbra Zimbra is a tool of a new generation focusing on collaboration, allowing users to store, organize and share: appointments, contacts, emails and tasks.

Its Web 2.0 interface fully developed in AJAX allows you to have features such as drag and drop, right-clicks, tooltips, keyboard shortcuts... making it very easy to use.


Emails management
Organizer, task list
Shared address books, shared calendars, and shared folders
WYSIWYG editor : editor: It is easy to add spreadsheets, images, etc...
Right click
Drag and drop
Quick search
Documents preview
Mobile edition for PDA (iPhone, Blackberry, etc)
Edit your account directly from the Webmail (autoresponse, password, etc.)
Ability to view your e-mails in offline mode via Zimbra Desktop Zimbra Desktop

Do you have any questions or do you want more information about the new features of DFi's webmail Zimbra ? Don't hesitate to contact us via support@dfi.ch.

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