Mail Server, Zimbra Hosting in Switzerland, Webmail, Messaging and Collaboration

Our Swiss Data Centers

Swiss Data Centers in Geneva, Vaud, Switzerland

DFi operates services in Switzerland in the Canton of Geneva and the Canton of Vaud, with 3 Data Centers more than 50 km away, in a completely secured environment that allows DFi to guarantee the hosting of all important applications.

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Online tools

Zimbra Hosting, WEBMAIL, Messaging and Collaboration

DFi’s collaborative messaging system is based on the Zimbra collaborative tool, a leader in the new generations of messaging and collaboration tools.

What is Zimbra ?

Zimbra is a tool of a new generation focusing on collaboration, allowing users to store, organize and share: appointments, contacts, emails and tasks. It is used via a web browser (online/Webmail) but also locally on the computer (offline) with the mail software - Zimbra Desktop.

Its Web 2.0 interface fully developed in AJAX allows you to have features such as drag and drop, right-clicks, tooltips, keyboard shortcuts... making it very easy to use.


  • Emails management
  • Organizer, task list
  • Calendar
  • Shared address books, shared calendars, and shared folders
  • Multi-windowing*
  • WYSIWYG editor* : It is easy to add spreadsheets, images, etc
  • Right click
  • Drag and drop
  • Quick search
  • Documents preview
  • Mobile edition* for PDA (iPhone, Blackberry, etc)
  • Edit your account directly from the Webmail (autoresponse, password, etc)
  • Ability to view your e-mails in offline mode via Zimbra Desktop.

Which version of Zimbra choose ?

ZIMBRA Standard : this version is free and integrated in all our Web hosting offers.

*ZIMBRA Advanced : called Moovemail and for only CHF 10.- per month, get more features.

Comparative table: Collaborative Webmail and MooveMail
(V5. ZIMBRA standard)
Offline mode Zimbra Desktop * ok ok
Offline mode Outlook * nok ok
Backup 30 days nok ok
Documents holder
nok ok
Documents / wiki nok ok
Syncro Mac nok ok
Push mail nok ok
Admin advanced domain
nok ok
Outlook, sending https ** e-mails
nok ok
Global Access List nok ok
Regular updates
nok ok
(3 times a year)
Monthly price
in all our web hosting
CHF 10.-
per user
* The offline mode allows you to access your data without necessarily being connected to the Internet. The data is always automatically syncronized between your computer and our servers.
** Used to send emails without worrying about the ISP. This avoids the problem experienced by some ISP rules that prohibit sending mail standard (Orange, Sunrise, Free, etc.)

SafeMail Email security
Security + protection, DFi offers SAFEMAIL: a novel anti-virus that protects your e-mail of all known viruses and an anti-spam system which rejects the e-mails unsolicited.

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Messenging groupware
MOOVEMAIL is the ideal solution for accessing your normal working environment anywhere in the world by sharing contacts and calendars.

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Web HostingWeb Hosting
This solution encompasses all the services and guarantees necessary for the professional hosting of your web applications, the reservation of your domain name, and the daily secured maintenance.

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