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DFi's Webmail service is based on a Zimbra collaborative platform, leader in new generation messaging tools and collaborative work.

What is Zimbra?

Zimbra is an Open-source collaborative solution which allows its users to stock, organize and share agendas, contacts, emails, tasks, links *, documents* and more*. It operates via an Internet browser (online/Webmail) but also locally on a computer (offline) with the client of the inbox Zimbra Desktop.

Its Web 2.0 interface is entirely developed in AJAX and allows you to benefit from various features such as drag and drop, right click, tooltips, keyboard shortcuts, which make it very user friendly.

All our Web hosting solutions include the free Zimbra Light version, through the Webmail service.
The full Zimbra version, called MooveMail allows you to benefit from extended features!

messagerie  MooveMail: Your office, everywhere, at any time!

  • Messaging service with integrated antivirus and anti-spam features
  • Address book, agenda, tasks and files sharing
  • No installation required
  • Maintenance and updates included
  • Controlled costs

Based on the ZIMBRA solution, MooveMail is a mobile, simple and efficient tool. From any browser, without any installation, it allows you to use a specific organizational model: Collaborative work allows you to share contacts, e-mails, agendas, resources and all kinds of files.
You are connected in real time to your inbox, and access the many tools available. This service is aimed mainly at businesses, service providers, and administrative and academic institutions.

Why choose MooveMail

For its simplicity and flexibility:

  • Simple and intuitive Web 2.0 interface
  • Simplified daily administrative tasks

For its compatibility and versatility:

  • Sending, downloading and sharing of all types of files
  • Synchronization of applications on mobile phone.
  • Advanced search module in all your e-mails, including attachments and files

For its security and sustainability:

  • Authentification protection
  • Hosting of data on our highly secured servers
  • Integrated anti-virus and anti-spam softwares with  SafeMail v5.1.
  • Reliability and scalability through regular updates.

* Features only available with MooveMail

Our team will be pleased to help you.

Note: All our services / products are dedicated exclusively to businesses.


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